We have all heard the horror stories of shortcuts taken within the building trade, rogue traders or even dodgy landlords taking risks to save a few quid. But at the end of the day, are taking risks with your electrics worth it?

Imagine going to dinner with your family, and your child touches a metal railing within a pub garden… Little did he or his family know, dodgy wiring had made this metal railing electrified. Sadly, this is an actual situation. 7-year-old Harvey Tyrrell died while at his local pub with his family. 

The landlord and electrician involved in the incident were both imprisoned for manslaughter due to their negligence when installing the decorative lighting within this family pub in Essex. 

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His mum, Danielle Jones, said: “It’s a bizarre feeling – it still doesn’t feel real.”

“I had to almost pinch myself when I was in court. You read about these things and you don’t think it’ll ever happen to you.” – The Sun News Paper.

As a business owner, whether it’s a pub, like in this story, or even a hotel, holiday attraction or any premises where members of the public might visit. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your guests. Ensure that no corners are cut by following these simple steps. 

  • Do your own research – Find a trusted and accredited contractor to carry out any work within your property. Ensure that they know what they are doing before they start the job.
  • Never be the one cutting corners, sometimes a job overruns… Don’t use this to pressure a job to be completed faster, as this could lead to a dangerous situation. 
  • If in doubt, have the work inspected by an independent authority.
  • Make sure that your Electrical Safety Certificate and PAT testing are up to date and carried out by an accredited electrician. 

Remember, the overall responsibility comes down to the property owner – You… Protect your customers, protect yourself and be safe.  ETL Electrical Solutions carry out landlord and electrical safety certificates in homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight. Get in touch today.