The ETL Electrical team have been asked if these, so-called child-proof protectors are indeed safe for homeowners to install or not. Let us look at just how dangerous these socket covers really are.

Thinking of buying child-proof socket protectors? … Quite simply, DON’T!

These, ‘child-proof’ socket covers are far from safe. All UK socket outlets are already designed with built-in safety measures to prevent little fingers from being in any sort of danger. The ‘earth pin’ of these socket covers open up the safety shutters that prevent the live parts from being touched, and if, as shown here, (image below) the socket cover is damaged in any way – They can expose the live contacts!

A picture speaks a thousand words…

A broken socket cover with burn marks to show damage. An ETL Electrical Solutions volt metre shows a shocking reading of 230v.

So, what can we see in this image of a socket?

1) The red circle shows a broken prong from one of these socket covers.

2) The arrow shows the voltage being recorded through the open safety shutters during an ETL Electrical Solutions call out – 230v!!!

3) 230v is enough to cause extreme burns or even heart failure! To a baby or young child, 230v is likely to be fatal.

The scariest thing is, this is NOT a stock photo! This was found at a recent call out of the ETL Electrical Solutions team… Our message is simply – PLEASE do not use these so-called ‘Child safe’ socket protectors.

The sockets made to British Standards are renowned for being incredibly safe. With a built-in system that makes it incredibly difficult to reach any of the live electrical parts.

If you are in any way concerned about the safety of your electrics, we urge you to seek professional electrical advice. If you are based on the Isle of Wight, our electrical engineers can even pop to your property to put your mind at ease. Get in touch today – Click here.

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