ETL Electrical Solutions is helping to bring the Electric vehicle revolution to the Isle of Wight. Find out more about the wonders of EV technology for the Island.

Electric vehicles, or ‘EVs’ for short, have been around since the very early days of motorised transport. Seen here with the famous Edison and a 1914 Detroit Electric model 47… Renowned for not being terribly reliable back then.

Edison and a 1914 Detroit Electric model 47.

What is an Electric Vehicle?

EVs now come in all shapes, sizes, and speeds. From cars to trucks, trains to planes and they all have one thing in common… Rather than being powered by a combustion engine with petrol or diesel, they are powered by stored electricity from batteries. These batteries are much larger versions of those that power our mobile phones or laptops and of course require charging to keep running.

EVs are often considered to be cleaner to run and better for the environment. This is due to not using fossil fuels as a direct fuel source. One argument against this, however, is that you will need to plug into the national grid to charge them. You will be pleased to hear that more and more of our national energy is coming from renewable resources, such as wind or tidal power. Read this recent news article on ‘Coal free Britain’ for more information.

Renewable energy production is UP in the UK!

Electric Vehicles are now becoming more popular as they are more widely manufactured by the likes of Tesla, Nissan, Volkswagen and so many others… With some of the mainstream car manufacturers now building EVs, they are becoming more readily available and more importantly – affordable.

A Tesla and Nissan Leaf parked up… Both are great EV’s!

What are the benefits of changing to an EV?

More and more drivers are now looking toward a greener, more affordable future… But what are the benefits of going ‘Green’ with an Electric Vehicle?

  • How about a £3000 grant from the British Government for buying an EV? Many Governments around the world are pushing the sale of EVs due to their greener environmental impacts on our planet. With national pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, the UK Government is more than happy to help us buy green… Check out the Direct.Gov website for more information.
  • You can get up to £350 (including VAT) off the cost of installing an EV charger at home! Of course, being an EV… You will need to charge your new vehicle. There is no better way of doing this than having a home charging point. Companies such as ETL Electrical Solutions can install specialised charging points by ROLEC or Ohme at your home or business. The Government can help with the cost of this process.
  • Spending hundreds of pounds on topping up the tank every week? By simply plugging in an EV for an overnight charge, you will have potentially hundreds of miles of range by morning. With modern technology and science, EVs are using very minimal amounts of electricity to charge. This means, you won’t see a huge change to your monthly electricity bills… To see just how much you could save, why not check out this handy EV calculator and compare your mileage.
  • Electric Vehicles are cheaper to maintain too… Having fewer moving parts than traditional petrol or diesel engines, there is technically less that can go wrong. In engineering, the more complicated a machine, the more likely it is to go wrong. With very minimal moving parts in an EV engine, it makes them relatively ‘simple’. You will of course still need to do the normal maintenance on the tires, breaks and other standard checks across your vehicle.
  • Better for the environment with often, zero running emissions. This also makes them healthier for us humans and our animal friends. Having fewer pollutants in the air we breathe in and around towns and cities.

So, with the potential to save cash, save on maintenance bills, improve the health of you and those around you… Buying an electric vehicle for your everyday or business use is looking even more inviting.

Sir David Attenborough speaking at the 2020 UN Climate Change Summit.

Charging an EV.

Charging an Electric vehicle, whether it is at your home or business or even out and about on the road… Has never been easier! With more and more councils around the UK introducing charging points in public car parks or at tourist destinations. Private filling stations introducing fast chargers and hotels installing overnight charging points to their customer car parks… The choice really is endless.

You will be easily able to find places to charge your car or van when out on the road with apps such as ‘Zap-Map’. This handy map shows you where thousands of public charging points can be found.

Charging an EV at your home or business is easy with ETL Electrical Solutions…

But, if you’re at home or at your business and you are wanting to charge your EV there… You will be able to have installed your very own charging pod attached to your mains power. You will then have unlimited access to your very own energy to power your EV.

ETL Electrical Solutions are certified installers of ROLEC and Ohme charging points for home or business installations. This means ETL can offer installation of a wide range of charging points for your EV. Home or business charging pods are the easiest way to keep your EV topped up.

If you drive mostly on the Isle of Wight and rarely travel over to the Mainland, then having your own home charging point will provide more than enough charging ‘Range’ for your travels. (Range is how far you can go on one single charge of your EV.) Your range will, of course, depend on the type of vehicle you buy and the length or type of charge you do.

Cowes & E.Cowes, Isle of Wight.

If you are now looking into the potential of having your own personal or work EV, get in touch with the ETL Electrical Solutions team who will be more than happy to help set your charging points up at home or at your business/workplace.

It is time to join the driving revolution…