The year 2020 has been a hard year for every business across the UK… With lockdown conditions meaning many of us were not able to serve our customers or even visit our own offices and workplaces. Here is a look at some of the changes ETL Electrical Solutions, as a company have implemented to our everyday working life in order to keep going.

A year of change & restrictions.

Like many other businesses around the UK and indeed, around the World, ETL Electrical Solutions has had to change how it works as a business. From following daily updates from the Government to implementing furloughs to our staff and even to turning away work when it wasn’t deemed ‘essential’…  We now look ahead for a more hopeful future, but business is not quite back to ‘usual’ yet…

Throughout lockdown, ETL Electrical Solutions continued to offer an emergency only service, focusing on the Isle of Wight’s frontline staff. It became more important than ever to keep our Island’s lights on!

Now lockdown restrictions are being lowered and we have returned to a full-service offering for our customers, including electrical testing and installations. We now must change and adapt once more.

Matt working on our regular solar farm maintenance.

Business after lockdown.

As a business offering electrical work for domestic and commercial clients, ETL Electrical Solutions have a wide range of factors to consider when sending our team back to work. Questions such as “Is it safe to enter someone’s home, post lockdown?” or even “What protections do we need to put in place?”

We decided that writing out a step-by-step guide that walks our team members through every aspect of a job, from booking to closing and everything in-between was the best place to start. This, ‘Covid-19 Safe Working Plan’ as it was called, became the foundations of getting the business back to some sort of normality.

Our safe working plan allowed us to pinpoint steps which would need updating, changing or would require us to use further protective measures. ETL is dedicated to our staff and our customers, keeping them safe is our number one priority… Therefore, our team members will always be provided with adequate PPE.

Sam working on a socket wearing his ETL Electrical PPE.

Protecting our staff & customers.

Here are some of the steps that we have implemented to keep our team safe post lockdown…

(To view our full ‘Covid-19 Safe Working Plan’ – Click here -)

ETL Electrical Safe Working Plan

Starting off, with the help of our marketing department at Lentil Marketing. We wrote a safe working plan for our team. This outlined our step-by-step plan from booking a job to closing it. The plan works as a risk assessment and clearly marks out areas where extra precautions are required.

ETL Training

Our team members were put through extra training that worked on several areas of concern. 1) Mental health after lockdown – We as a company are fully aware that mental health is an everyday problem and that people handle their mental health in different ways. We teamed up with Jigsaw Training & Development Service for a virtual team mental health chat…  2) Covid-19 prevention – Using an online training platform, (Virtual College.) Our team completed the latest in Covid-19 awareness training to help them to stay safe. 3) In-person, at work training – We carried out training on the first day back to the office. The team were shown how to don their PPE. We also spoke about the new safe working plan and went through training on the new processes.

Graeme Preston ETL Electrical Solutions MD training Sam and Matt on their first day back at work.

Personal Protective Equipment

Being in the electrical trade, PPE is already an important thing for our team to use daily. However, we have now upgraded our levels of PPE to now include facemasks, disposable gloves, protective eyewear, and even full paper suits where necessary. Clearly laid out in our safe working plan is a 2 level Covid-19 PPE guide. This depends on the customer and working conditions of each job. (Further information on this can be found in the safe working plan.)

Sam showing off his full PPE uniform infront of the ETL Electrical Solutions van.

Following Government Guidelines –

We are monitoring the daily updates from the Government closely. Will continue to work within these rules as we progress through lockdown and back to normality.

Working with our customers

We have been working with our customers and now ask if they or anyone within their household have shown any Covid-19 symptoms in the last 7 to 14 days, as per the Government guidelines. If they declare symptoms to us during any stage of the job, we will rebook their work for a later date. This is to protect our team and our customer’s health. We ask our customers if they are ‘vulnerable’ and are currently shielding. In this case, the job will be completed with a higher-level PPE and safety measures in place.

All in all, our key priority is to protect our customers, protect our team and to protect the wider family and community around the people we encounter.

We now look to the future, building on our relationships with past and current customers. Reaching out to the Isle of Wight and its community and sharing our 35+ years of experience providing an electrical service with a smile.

ETL MD Graeme Preston and Marketing Manager Kai Davis.

Kai Davis.